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The Department of Sustainability and Product Ecology

The Department of Sustainability and Product Ecology

The pedagogical focus of the department is based on the current societal need to put sustainability principles into practice. Our goal is to develop education in the field of sustainability, circular economy, product ecology, raw material security and other fields that are important for sustainability professionals.

We are convinced that the shift towards a more sustainable industrial society can be realized by engineering graduates with appropriate environmental and socio-economic knowledge.

The study at the Department of Sustainability and Product Ecology is intended for students whose job description includes technical environmental protection and management of industries to minimize the burden on the environment and landscape. Sustainability, in our understanding, involves a balance between human needs and the environment, between industry and the landscape, between consumer demands and available raw materials. The job description of sustainability managers also includes creativity, eco-design, presentation skills and enthusiasm for a good cause.

The Department’s professional and creative activities include analytical work in the field of product and corporate sustainability. We conduct research focused on product ecology and ecodesign. Using analytical tools such as life cycle assessment (LCA) or material flow analysis (MFA) we determine the environmental aspects of products, services, technologies and organizations.

Head of the department: prof. Ing. Prof. Vladimír Kočí, Ph.D. MBA