Czech Retail Days, 13.–14. 6. 2024, O2 universum

About the event

A place to get inspiration from practical retail

Over the past five years, commerce has faced unprecedented challenges. The pandemic affecting all sectors has become a catalyst for many innovations, accelerating the adoption of new technologies and forcing changes in attitudes and processes. How is the retail sector managing to put these into practice? What about the customer who was, is, and will remain at the heart of the business despite all the technological innovations? How can we capture their attention and meet the different needs of different groups and generations of consumers?


Although there are several conferences in the Czech Republic dedicated to the retail sector, there is room for another event. What is still lacking is a more practical focus and case studies from the implementation of specific projects, simply retail and manufacturing practice!

ATOZ Retail has all the prerequisites to fill this gap in the market. We have been in business for 31 years. We can leverage synergies with other industries we cover across the ATOZ Group, such as logistics, sustainability, pharmaceuticals, and packaging. What’s more, our flagship program, Zboží&Prodej, allows us to turn a one or two-day conference into a year-long project. We can bring the event’s action to both the print magazine and its online channels.


  • Bring new trends from the world of retail, data, and case studies from the field; we want to avoid PR presentations and offer practical experience and useful examples from the industry;
  • Reach the full spectrum of the retail industry: FMCG and consumer goods retailers (bricks and mortar, e-commerce, omnichannel), hobby stores, shopping malls, retail brands, petrol stations, pharmacies, suppliers of goods, services and shop equipment;
  • Facilitate meetings between middle and senior management of key market players;
  • To address a wide range of retail management audiences: from top management, marketing, and sales to packaging, technical solutions, and logistics;
  • Leverage 31 years of experience in publishing B2B magazines, organizing conferences and other events in the retail sector, as well as in related fields such as logistics, sustainability, pharmaceuticals, and packaging, which are addressed by other groups of the organizing company ATOZ Group.


  • As a partner of the event, you can present your new technological solutions, services, and other innovations to the participants, retail and production professionals.
  • Attend the event and get new information and inspiration from colleagues or related fields.
  • Come up with an interesting idea for the program, and let us know about a successful project implementation or a hot new product on the market.
  • Get new business contacts or strengthen existing ones during breaks or at the evening party.
  • Take part in discussions on topics that are driving the market.
  • Get to know interesting industries first-hand during a field trip.